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Here at ReMade in Leeds we have long since abandoned ‘fast’ high street fashion. Regardless of the impact it has ethically and environmentally, it has no provenance, it’s homogenous, and customer service starts and ends at the till.

We know fashion can better than that.

Antiform, our in-house brand, is manufactured in Leeds from unwanted materials sourced from the local area encouraging the creative re-use of clothing, as well as making use of the considerable skills and untapped resources available in Leeds. We are proud to have created a fashion brand that promotes both personal style, and a sustainable approach. We put a lot of energy into the Antiform brand, but our commitment to sustainable fashion does not end there.

Further to the production of Antiform, the activities of ReMade in Leeds are diverse and plentiful. Our aim is not just to design and make upcycled fashion; we aim to inspire a change in our customer, encourage their interest in how clothing is produced, and share skills in garment repair and clothing re-use. We have created a service approach to sustainable fashion, offering short courses in recycled fashion, a monthly clothes exchange, a monthly sewing cafe, a repair and restoration service and many other one off events.

We hope to engage communities, both locally and on a larger scale, in thinking differently about fashion. Saturdays needn’t be spent trawling through uninspiring high street shops, when they could be spent learning a new skill or reconnecting with a favourite old garment as part of a customisation workshop. Through Antiform, we hope to demonstrate just what’s possible with upcycling, and then invite you take part in one of ReMade’s workshops to discover exactly how you can take control of your own wardrobe revival.

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