Other types of ethical accessories and brands that provide them.

Visible Man

Quality ethical fashion direct from our fair trade tailoring centre. Offering total visibility into our people, products, and pricing.

Quality, affordable, fashionable and ethical Menswear made at The Visible Tailoring Centre where a team of highly experience tailors get paid a living wage and receive benefits for themselves and their families including a free creche, subsidised primary and secondary schooling, annual bonuses, opportunities to develop new skills, and a workplace which consistently values and promotes diversity.

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YOJO is an indipendent design studio, hence, contemporary fashion label conceived in London and sustainably handmade in Italy.

Through founder and designer Joe Sorrentino’s interest in art, designs, photography and cultural diversity, YOJO employs an unconventional and multidisciplinary approach to create elegant and iconic fashion accessories for men and women.

The YOJO hallmark is defined by the experimental use of ceramics - a completely eco-friendly material that for millennia has drawn the attention of designers and creatives alike across a wide variety of industries, but fashion.

With a strong commitment towards sustainable materials and collaborations with independent Italian artisans, YOJO is a label created for the next ethically aware generation.

The concept behind the OXYMORON collection was to re-design classic accessories with a contemporary twist… elaborated at the essence, but minimalist at glance. To accomplish such a design challange, the brand combined the clean minimalist look of ceramics with the elegant classy drapes of silk and created a line of man and woman accessories preserving the past whilst pushing forward.

With the OXYMORON collection, the label has also embraced modularity and waste reduction to provide clients with effortless tailor-made accessories allowing freedom of choice, custom aesthetics and piece of mind during one’s evolution towards conscious awareness.

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Corkor specializes in vegan and eco-friendly products made from cork leather. Our goal is to provide our customers with a strong selection of premium Cork products at competitive prices, backed up with a genuine customer service experience.

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With a genuine appreciation of quality and detail, we are inspired by the craftsmanship and age old skills aquired by the Peruvian women.  We value products for how they are made, by whom and why.

Tempus Watches

We have over 30 years of specialising in the restoration and resale of rare, unusual and collectible vintage wristwatches.  Our collection aims to offer the best in style and quality. Each watch is painstakingly brought back to its original condition and is sold with a 1 year International Guarantee.


TSHU reinvents the traditional handkerchief. Entirely made in Montreal, the TSHU handkerchiefs boast a unique shape and distinctive patterns in a high quality product.  Every year, over 3 billion kilos of paper tissues are used – and disposed of. That’s the equivalent of 70 million trees. To adopt TSHU is to reduce your ecological footprint with style. And, for each TSHU sold, we’ll plant a tree.

Friendly Socks

We make a pair of socks become friendly for “laundriers” simply by adding a button in one sock of the pair and a hole in the other sock of the pair which allows user to button up his/her socks together before putting them in the laundry bucket.  All our socks are produced with organic bamboo yarn and every step of the process is scrutinized and had been rewarded with the Oeko-Tex®  label.


DUBARUBA is a platform for the finest contemporary African and Africa-inspired products.  Most of the products are unique handmade items that come from small producers. Some have already attained a modicum of renown in their respective countries or internationally, while others are new or have not yet been discovered internationally but are ready to be discovered

The feminine touch

Based in the UK, I am a designer and creator of high quality hand knitted and felted accessories. I was inspired by the gorgeous colours and texture of one particular fibre,the Kidsilk haze yarn, a super soft fine mohair yarn. I try to incorporate it into my designs wherever I can.

So Just Shop

So Just Shop brings together and supports small, creative, women-led artisan businesses from throughout the world, enabling you to browse and shop for high quality and unique products all in one place and to discover the stories behind the product.

Global Good Partners

Catherine and Joan were inspired to found Global Goods Partners to create effective income-generation opportunities for women and their communities through access to the consumer market for handmade, fair trade products.

Lost in Samsara

All Lost in Samsara products (bags, small accessories and jewellery) are handmade by artisans who are paid a fair wage. Many of them are women who face economical and social problems. Your purchase will contribute to change their lives and empower the communities they live in as their income will provide them safety and will help them reinvest the money in their future and education of their children.

Hemp Eyewear

Hemp Eyewear is not just about sunglasses. We plan to use this amazing supercrop to create better quality, eco-friendly and sustainable products, including a 100% hemp clothing line. Our vision is to explore and use hemp as well as to inform and educate people about the greatest plant on earth.


Our creative custom accessories are fast becoming go to items for men and women of all style genres. Be it a first date, a special birthday, a business occasion, or just the expression of a highly stylish personality, we have a one of a kind piece for you!

Turtle Doves

We love to make recycled, ethical clothing out of pre-loved cashmere knitwear. Our original Turtle Doves recycled gloves are still our best-seller but we are always busy creating new designs and seeking out new fabrics to recycle.

Sipahi & Co

Sipahi & Co offers consumers a sustainable alternative for fast fashion leather goods: carefully sourced leather hides – tanned exclusively with natural plant based materials, handmade and packaged in Britain.


Fink (Fashion + ink) is a collection of handmade garments created in my home studio.  I create my own fabric designs then make one of a kind, wearable-art pieces from my imagination.

Every garment is “everyday extraordinary” – you will look forward to expressing yourself while you participate in the adventure of being totally alive.


Saya Designs

So why hairpins? I have worn and adored them for years. My boyfriend Rich bought me the most beautiful handcrafted hair stick back from a trip to Beijing a few years ago. It was red with handpainted flowers and it gave me such an elegant insight into traditional Chinese culture. When it came to deciding what to design, I wanted something that was small so it could be shipped easily, functional, and unique. I joined all the dots, and SAYA was born!

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