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Education for the future organisation

ethical jewelleryImagine being able to create fabulous jewellery from a metal with a dangerous and terrifying history… imagine homeless people who have became expert goldsmiths … close your eyes and hear the tap of hammers, the hissing of the blowtorch and the smell of waxes.  Welcome to “EDUCATION FOR THE FUTURE!” Read more »

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Arthur and Henry – Saving the world one shirt at a time.

mens cotton shirtsAs a business we make clothes.  Specifically men’s shirts.  Smart men’s shirts, the sort of thing one would wear to the office, or to the pub.  Probably not to Glastonbury. Read more »

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British alpaca – spinning a sustainable British luxury yarn in natural fibre

Alpaca Ally BeeWhat is alpaca yarn?’ ‘Why British alpaca?’ These are questions I’m regularly asked since setting up sustainable knitwear label, Ally Bee. Alpacas produce a fabulous soft fleece but there’s also strong environmental advantages to spinning a British alpaca yarn. So, to help answer ‘Why alpaca & why British’, here’s 12 curious facts about the creatures and their luxurious fleece: Read more »

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Textile Toolbox

TED Textile toolbox This week I had the opportunity to see a pop up exhibition of the Textile Toolbox and meet Prof. Becky Earl who co-created it.

Textile Toolbox is TED’s web platform project for MISTRA Future Fashion. The research consortium aims to create systemic and profitable change within the fashion industry through ‘interconnected design thinking and processes for sustainable textiles and fashion’. This open website is a platform for designers and experts to engage with new design ideas. Read more »

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Already into sustainable fashion? Now do the same for your home!

Darwin home wares As readers of this blog and magazine will know, eco-ethical fashion has been a hot topic in the fashion world for a number of years. With horrific incidents like Rana Plaza getting coverage across all media channels, The Clean Clothes Campaign, The Fairtrade Foundation and many others trying to educate shoppers, you are now are more informed and have more choices than ever before when it comes to updating your wardrobe.  But have you ever thought about such issues when buying things for your home?

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Must-haves every woman needs – Part 1

Have you ever woken up in the morning wondering about what you should wear to work? Or struggled to find an outfit for a party or important family get together? Most of us – women have felt like this at some point (read: most times) during our lives. “What do I wear?” – is the question that we ask ourselves constantly. With this in mind we have created a guide of wardrobe must-haves, especially for women just like ourselves.

This guide highlights the must-have pieces – both clothing and accessories that every women should have to enhance their wardrobes and their style. Purchasing any of the below items will ensure you have the appropriate items to get you through your day, event or special occasion, providing an outfit for each different engagement you may have. Read more »

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Ethical fashion: be the change you want to see

article photo Kindness – it’s an unassuming, seemingly average noun that’s buried in the middle of the dictionary but has one of the most powerful definitions of any word  in the English language.

I’m the sort of person who sets ridiculous goals for myself at the start of every year. Sometimes I only get halfway there, or maybe I try and fail, but I think it’s an important part of making sure I’m on track to be the best kind of person I want to be. Read more »

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Who made your pants?

wmyp logoBack in February 2012, I packed up a big blue suitcase and took our travelling pants off to The Good Fashion Show in London. By then, Who Made Your Pants? had existed for three years. We’d delivered a load of English, employability and basic sewing training to over forty women in Southampton, and created a handful of jobs. Read more »

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