Contributors to Style With Heart

Katherine Russack

 I became interested in the ethics in the fashion industry during my time studying international development. To find out more about was really going on at grassroots I spent some time in India working for an organic and Fairtrade cotton company. Through this work I was in direct contact with the cotton farmers who are so often forgotten in this global supply chain. Part of my work involved looking at the practice of child-bonded labour, which is widespread in the Indian cottonseed industry but rarely reported on internationally.

The fashion industry has a great potential to transform the lives of families and communities in developing countries, yet all too often stories of poverty wages, child labour and appalling living conditions are heard about instead. I hope that StyleWithHeart will help people to support a more positive fashion movement, which can create a sustainable change for good.


Laura’s interest in ethical fashion developed during her time at Nottingham Trent University studying Ba(Hons) Fashion and Textile Management. Laura’s dissertation explored how fairly traded fashion production could be adopted by mainstream fashion retailers. Since graduating in 2010 she has worked in the technical department of a large fashion retailer and a supplier to the high street. Laura aspires to combine her knowledge of ethical trading with her technical skills.

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