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I started an internship with the fashion designer Henrietta Ludgate in September 2011 and was especially interested in Henrietta’s clothes as they are influenced by architecture and I recently graduated with a degree in architecture.  The collections designed by Henrietta are structural and have unique tubing around the neck and waist line.  I was inspired by these tubes and proposed an idea for the interior design of the new shop which was going to open shortly.  I suggested we design and build an almost sculptural structural installation out of cardboard tubes to compliment her designs.  Henrietta Ludgate is also an eco- friendly brand and using recycled tubes reflected this.

Floor plans

So I took my pen and paper and started drafting…

The shop 'before'

Henrietta is from Scotland, inspired by her heritage, her chosen theme for her clothes was ‘highlands and caves’.  I designed the tubes around this theme to change the feeling of the space. The shop was quite large, white and cold. I wanted to warm it up making it more cosy, fun, inviting and creative like her clothes.  I designed the tubes in clusters to create abstract-like stalactites.  

The design evolved as I travelled around London to source and gather fabric and carpet tubes to create an ethical and eco friendly space.  

It was important to make the tubes look appealing so we cut and sanded them down to size and then installed them into the space layering them one at a time. Each tube was either a different shade or had a unique pattern on it so instead of trying to conceal or cover the tubes to make them uniform, I worked with the uniqueness of each one to create a fun and organic looking space, like Debbie Allen says ‘out of limitations comes creativity’.

It was very exciting to be able to work on this real life project; I hope that you agree, the result is something quite unique and eye-catching and worth seeing in person if you are visiting Whiteleys in Bayswater, London.

Isil Ramadan, Architect and Designer

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