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With Heart charityWithHeart was set up in January 2012 to mark the first anniversary of  It will raise money to support projects that encourage traditional handicraft skills for income generation.

As the charity grows, small NGOs (non-government organisations) will be able to apply for grants to help their projects but initially the Trustees will identify charities to support.

100% of all donations will be donated directly to charity.

The first charity to benefit from a grant will be Red International.  In the first instance, we will aim to raise £2,500 to fund one training unit.

Charity tailoring unitThe aim of this particular project is to train women from Dalit communities in basic tailoring skills and support them to earn an income using their new skills.  Tailor training centres and garment producing units will be set up to ensure the women are paid a fair wage and that each centre brings a positive benefit to their communities.

 The target group for this project is Dalit women who are subject to much social discrimination, have litle access to education or income generating opportunities and Dalit women and girls are also at risk from human trafficking in India.

 This Tailor Training is aimed at these financially poor Dalit women who are not in a position to apply for other jobs requiring higher levels of education. These women are looking for opportunities to gain skills which will enable them to earn and income which will benefit their families. This training will also help empower them to understand their basic rights which will make them less vulnerable to human trafficking.

 Training unit:

–          Recruit and train up to 20 women in tailoring skills through a six months course. (Two courses per year)

–          They will have daily targets to learn tailoring skills and patterns. After a few months of orientation and training they are expected to pick up various tailoring skills and start producing the garments as per the plan given to them by the units’ manager.

–          The candidates will be paid salaries and can earn incentives for creative designs and patterns.

–          The profits arising from sale of the items produced will be ploughed back into the units.

–          The revenue earning capability of these women from almost zero to anywhere from £50 to £75 per month from the sale of garments.

Charity tailoring unit The cost for setting up each centre is £2,500 which includes: six sewing machines, the trainers’ salary, rent for the training facility and other on-going costs for the year.

 This project forms part of the wider movement for the emancipation and empowerment of Dalit communities in India.

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