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ethical jewelleryImagine being able to create fabulous jewellery from a metal with a dangerous and terrifying history… imagine homeless people who have became expert goldsmiths … close your eyes and hear the tap of hammers, the hissing of the blowtorch and the smell of waxes.  Welcome to “EDUCATION FOR THE FUTURE!”

The Vietnam War, Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot was a defining period in Cambodia’s history which left long-lasting scars on this country.  The presence of landmines is a reality of everyday life but an organization called Education for the Future is trying to do something about this and recycle the brass from these killers into things of beauty. 

 ethical jewellery workshop cambodiaAn Italian designer/goldsmith has been teaching young homeless people skills they could never have dreamed of learning.  Today they are creating beautiful pieces of jewellery and earning a income.  Each piece is hand made using vintage machinery and traditional processing methods.  There is something magical seeing each piece take shape as the students handle each jewel, upcycle the brass, shape it, polish it and create something beautiful.

The organization is run by the Cambodians who work in the workshop.  It’s aim is to use recycled brass, coconut fibre and silk in order to minimize the environment impact of production.

 A large house is under construction and the current workshop will eventually move there in order to allow the students to work in improved surroundings and also enable them to stay with their families. In the future, Education for the Future is also hoping to help orphaned children from the slum of Phnom Penh. 

 Buying jewellery from Education for the Future will help children and families look towards a brighter future.

 The metal landmines that causes DEATH, is transformed into a metal for LIFE!

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