Erin O’Connor, Rita Ora, Lauren Laverne and others are coveting a new eco accessory ahead of the BIG IF LONDON on 8 June

Erin O'Connor IF campaignCelebrities are making the IF wristband their chosen accessory for this spring to support a major campaign by Britain’s leading development charities.

‘Enough Food for Everyone IF’ is the largest coalition of its kind in the UK since Make Poverty History in 2005. The campaign is calling for world leaders to end the scandal that sees one in eight people go to bed hungry every night when they gather at the G8 summit in the UK in June.



IF wristbanStars of fashion, screen and music are proud to display the first fundraising wristband that is both made in the UK and 100% recyclable. With removable ‘IFlet’ pins available in four different colours, the band can also be customized by the wearer.  Thousands of people UK-wide are expected to be wearing the bands in support of the campaign in the lead up to the G8 summit and the BIG IF London on Saturday 8 June in Hyde Park. The campaign is gathering new supporter’s everyday and has received video support from One Direction and Orlando Bloom.



Reggie Yates said; “It’s hard to believe that 1 in 8 people will go to bed hungry tonight. It’s a shocking statistic, but it’s true. Millions of people across the world go hungry every single day, but in 2013 we have the power to help change that for good. I’ve met families in Kenya living in poverty and have seen first-hand the immediate hardship and pain caused by hunger. Make your voice heard at the #BigIFLondon on Saturday 8th June in Hyde Park, and be part of a noise against hunger the G8 leaders can’t ignore.”

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