Fabric for Fashion – The Complete Guide

fabric for fashion the complete guide

Fabric for Fashion: The Complete Guide covers all fibres; from man-made to animal and plant. It is the complete reference on all fabrics, their properties, their uses in fashion and the technologies and terminologies that define them. The book includes a certification index which includes commonly used and globally recognised environmental certifications.

I bought the previous Fabric for Fashion guide on natural fabrics 3 years ago but this updated edition covers both natural and man-made fibres.   It includes explanations on the history and how each fabric is produced, the different types of embellishment and colour all illustrated with beautiful photographs.  As if this wasn’t enough, and the most fascinating sections for anyone with an interest in sustainability, are those concerning ethical and ecological considerations about each fibre.  I believe that anyone working in the fashion industry in the 21st century has a moral duty to minimise the impact of the clothes they produce and this guide provides the latest knowledge in order to do so.  This really is such an interesting book; anyone with an interest in fashion should read it and anyone studying or working in the sector should buy it now.


the history of silk


the history of linen









































































































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