FREE GIVEAWAY: Introducing the IQ Diamond®

kinetique-250-logoKinetIQue Jewellery has published a new book to introduce the IQ Diamond® which highlights many of the ethical and environmental issues surrounding mined diamonds.

KinetIQue was founded by Jason and Elaine Foreman who have invested their life-savings in a quest to find an alternative to the beautiful but troubled diamond. 


Jason says: “Elaine and I were astonished when we found out how many myths and misconceptions there are about the diamond industry and set out to find an alternative, which we eventually discovered in the IQ Diamond® – a unique hybrid diamond that possess all the qualities of diamond without the huge mark-up on price, or the ethical concerns.

“That’s why we wrote our new book, which not only introduces the IQ Diamond and the science behind it, but also highlights many of the ethical and environmental issues surrounding the diamond industry – as well as how much money you can save!”

KinetIQue are giving away a free copy to the first 150 Style With Heart readers who email:; please put Book Request in the subject header and your address in the email.

Kinetique have a unique range of stunning, timeless diamond jewellery that is affordable, ethical and environmentally friendly and made in the UK. They have also recently launched a small range of organic sterling silver jewellery, including handmade artisan sterling silver rings, pendants and cuff bangles.

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