The Good Fashion Show

What is ethical fashion? is a question I find myself frequently asking.  If you consider ethical = fair trade then the focus of the clothing/accessories is the supply chain and the people making the items.  If however it’s used as an umbrella term, then it could include people but also the planet and the resources used to produce the items.  Whether it’s the fibres, processing, the environment etc.  there’s no short answer and when it comes to solutions, it usually depends on personal priorities.

Practically, shopping with brands listed on this site is an option, there are shops scattered around the country and a new opportunity will take place in London in February 2012.  The Good Fashion Show is a not-for-profit event that brings together eco friendly and ethical fashion for sale; a fashion and art relating to issues of sustainability, ethics, trade and green creativity; a catwalk show with live music, talks and if that wasn’t enough, a market selling things made by hand and with love.

Numerous clothing and accessory brands will be showcased in one beautiful building (Goodenough College) and visitors will also a chance to learn and discover more about the ethical and green scene.  If you have any ideas for the talks or suggestions for companies you would like to see on the day, please let me know.  I hope to meet you there… 

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