Must-haves every woman needs – Part 1

Have you ever woken up in the morning wondering about what you should wear to work? Or struggled to find an outfit for a party or important family get together? Most of us – women have felt like this at some point (read: most times) during our lives. “What do I wear?” – is the question that we ask ourselves constantly. With this in mind we have created a guide of wardrobe must-haves, especially for women just like ourselves.

This guide highlights the must-have pieces – both clothing and accessories that every women should have to enhance their wardrobes and their style. Purchasing any of the below items will ensure you have the appropriate items to get you through your day, event or special occasion, providing an outfit for each different engagement you may have.


classic blazerClassic blazer

A tailored blazer is a classic, feminine look that suites all body types. It is important to find one that will suit you and your body figure well. Go for the classic look and stay away from trendy details that could soon go out of fashion. You can always accessories it with bold colours if you want to make it trendy.  This classic piece of clothing is one of the items that you can wear for years.  Choose a blazer that is in a neutral solid colour like black or navy and you will be able to wear it with absolutely anything. A blazer is suitable for workplace or over jeans to make a casual look more formal. The classic blazer oozes classic couture.


little black dressLittle black dress

The little black dress is an absolute must-have for every woman. This works well for any occasion, from job interviews to parties and work occasions. Find a dress that is special (perhaps with a specific detail), elegant and unique, and it will last you for a very long period of time. Above everything the dress definitely needs to fit you well, make sure it is the right dress for your body shape and most importantly make sure you feel comfortable wearing it.

Pair the dress with accessories, such as an impressive necklace, beautiful shoes and a watch to suit the different occasions. Be creative when it comes to your little black dress and you will never get bored with it.

classic trench coatClassic trench coat

A classic trench coat is a great investment piece that will last you for years if not forever. Originated from Aquascutum and Burberry, the trench coat was predominant in the war when the troops were in the trenches.

You can vary with the different accessories that you use, such as belts and broaches to make it look more chic and stylish. A trench coat is a piece of clothing that can be worn with almost anything, starting from your basic every day pieces to your suits and dresses. classic jeansJeans

Finding a pair of jeans that fits your body type and size means that you have a piece of clothing that is not only comfortable but also looks great. Jeans don’t just go well with smart shirts and blouses, but they also look great when worn together with your casual tops.  Jeans are great for all occasions, especially casual and work environments (when dressed up with a nice shirt), and can be worn with flats as well as heels. Jeans that fit you well will make you look fantastic! If you don’t have the budget for a new pair of jeans then try turning them up at the bottom. This will reflect this seasons trends, so you will still be stylish on a budget.


classic shirtShirt 

A perfectly ironed white shirt is a key piece that you can take with you anywhere. As the shirt will make you look smarter, it will also improve the way you look and therefore will improve your confidence. Any shirt can look casual and smart at the same time therefore it will be great for work environment.  A shirt with cuffs will appear more elegant and stylish, however it is a personal preference and you need to ensure that you feel comfortable in the clothes that you are wearing.


classic black skirtBlack pencil skirt 

The black pencil skirt will look great on most people – it is a flattering style and tightens your core, which makes you look more slender. The great thing about a pencil skirt is that you can vary your outfit by choosing different tops, blouses and shirts. Try wearing a bright coloured top or jumper to give your outfit that electric look.  The black pencil skirt is an item that can be worn with countless other items from your wardrobe for any occasion, whether this being during day or night, it will make you appear in a different light.

classic cardiganCardigan

A cardigan is great to wear over a piece of clothing and can keep you warm in the cooler months – this is our personal favourite and many people think that this is one of the best pieces of clothing they own. This is an item that will carry you through the seasons and will look great with various outfits. Cardigan season is every season as there is always an occasion that will require a cardigan. Cardigans vary in length and thickness, and we would advise you to get a long one and one is short cut so that you can vary your look depending on how you feel and what look you want to go for.

Accessories to follow next time….

Katherine Johnson

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