One Dress by the House of Tammam

Tammam ethical dressOne Dress, a new textiles art piece from the House of Tammam launched last week, already over 50% funded and supported by Arts Council England, this project is set to be an incredible success.

 It will take over a year to complete the One Dress, made in the UK at the Tammam couture Atelier in Bloomsbury using luxury sustainable, cruelty free materials then hand embellished by women in England, Africa and India with words to represent “Feminism”. 

 Eventually the dress will be worn by incredible inspiring women, including FiLia (Formerly Feminism in London) lead activist Lisa-Marie Taylor, for a series of iconic images.

 Tammam is asking women (and people of any gender who believe in equality) to suggest words for the dress answering the question “What is Feminism?” 

 tammam-3The initial words can be selected via the crowdfunder campaign for a limited time, after which the dress will be made and unveiled, untouched, at the FiLiArt: Refuge show on the 10th December. The dress will then start it’s embellishment journey and words can be suggested until the dress is complete at the end of 2017.

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