Over 20,000 ways to express yourself with a new shoe tool

Po-Zu, a leading ethical shoe company, is making it possible for customers to customise their own pair of shoes, choosing from a combination of colours and materials. Po-Zu is the first ethical shoe company to launch such a service. Not only does it enable people to create a unique pair of shoes to match their style, it also helps to cut down on waste.

Po Zu shoesThe first model to be available for customisation is one of Po-Zu’s bestsellers, Brisk; their unisex, machine washable sneaker which comes in both vegan and vegetarian options. You can select either organic cotton canvas in a variety of colours or British tweed as the ‘upper’ for the shoe. You can then build up the rest of the design, from the colour of the piping to the embroidery.

There are a total of 21,600 possible combinations, so whether you want to support your nation’s team in the World Cup or match favourite colours in your wardrobe, you can enjoy the creative process. Common to every shoe is Po-Zu’s unique coconut Foot MattressTM, made from coconut fibres and natural latex to provide ultimate comfort.

Customisation is carried out via a platform called Emblzn and is very easy to do, simply by clicking different parts of the shoe and watching your design come to life.  The customised shoes are then made at Po-Zu’s eco-friendly factory in Portugal.  One of the biggest causes of industrial waste is eliminated as each pair of shoes is made specifically for an individual. This method avoids over production, which tends to result in unsold and un-used goods; an important step in Po-Zu’s mission to create a zero-waste supply chain.

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