Textile Toolbox

TED Textile toolbox This week I had the opportunity to see a pop up exhibition of the Textile Toolbox and meet Prof. Becky Earl who co-created it.

Textile Toolbox is TED’s web platform project for MISTRA Future Fashion. The research consortium aims to create systemic and profitable change within the fashion industry through ‘interconnected design thinking and processes for sustainable textiles and fashion’. This open website is a platform for designers and experts to engage with new design ideas.The focus is on inspirational projects and also on the challenges the industry faces in shifting towards systemic industry change. Participants challenge aesthetics, process, production and lifecycle issues around products.

textile toolboxThe collaborations with scientists, academics and professionals have lead to toolkits for action, instructions for making, resources for learning, and making films to sit back and watch.

You can see all the exhibits that were at the exhibition here.

This is an opportunity for anyone interested in ethical fashion, eco fashion and the future of fashion to look at it in a new light and think about opportunities to do things differently in the future.


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