The Good Fashion Show 18th February 2012

I was introduced to Antoinette by a little blue bird and we have since become good friends.  I’ve been helping her with various aspects of the show and wanted to share with you a little more information about this amazing event that she has created….  After reading this interview with her, I think you’ll agree that it will be a highlight in the London Fashion Week calendar for everyone to enjoy.

Why did you decide to set up The Good Fashion Show?

The initial idea for The Good Fashion Show started to develop when realizing that the amazing progress and innovation one encounters within the sector of ethical and sustainably produced fashion often remains closed within the industry itself.  Ethical fashion has not yet reached the people.  In fact, many consumers still have prejudices and simply ‘wrong’ views about what ethical fashion is: too expensive, not really trendy or chic… and the list could go on.  Clothes are tied to basic human needs.  Here in the UK many of us are in the privileged position to
 make choices about the things we buy and use to dress (up).
  ‘Sustainable’, ethical and responsible options are available but many people are not familiar with them or have prejudices against ‘eco’ and ‘ethical’ fashion.  It is essential to create awareness about these ‘good’ options and, on a more fundamental level, to a make people think about what and how they consume.

 What are the objectives of the show?

The goal of The Good Fashion Show is to create a new platform where public, press and trade can discover and buy the latest ethical, sustainable and responsibly produced fashion from around the globe.  The leading concepts of ethics in commerce, sustainability and respect for people and planet to which ‘good’ fashion relates are further explored through the exhibition of unique artworks and two sections of keynotes keynote speeches.

We believe that enduring changes begin with simple things and should be kept simple to have a chance to endure and flourish. That is why we want the public to see what ‘good’ fashion actually is.  Once consumers know more about ethical and sustainable fashion, they will be more aware of the fact that change can start with one single outfit and that they are an integral part of this process of change since they are the ones who buy and wear clothes.  Thus our motto: ‘Dress Up. Resource Down.™”

‘Good’ fashion can help create sustainable livelihoods and environments and implement fair, traceable and transparent practices of business and trade.

Our aims are:

–  to raise awareness for ethical and sustainable fashion, also amongst younger people

–  to increase the number of buyers of ethical and sustainable fashion

– to showcase and promote designers and producers of ethical and sustainable fashion

– to raise funds to support grassroot projects in which fashion propels social development (in particular empowerment through education, micro-financing and ethical trade) and acts a motor for environmental awareness and change.

 Can you tell us a bit about the day itself?

The 18th of February will be a busy day!  The Good Fashion Show is London Fashion Week’s largest off-schedule event.  But there is much more to it than just amazing fashion… 25-30 British and international labels show and sell their latest collections. There will be many more good things in our marketplace: makeovers, clothes swishing, sweet things, fruity things, scented things… We will exhibit and sell 100 unique and provocative artworks ranging from fashion photography and illustrations to video installations and pieces of fine art.  There will be key note speakers offering real brainfood for those who wish to engage on another level.

 What are you most looking forward to on the day?

To the smiles and giggles of the people involved and attending.

What will happen at the evening event?

The spectacular evening runway show ‘Transformations’ is not just a collaborative catwalk.   Innovative, ethical, sustainable and responsibly produced fashion will meet worldclass musicians, artists and the models from Eclipse Model Management. The hostess is Nancy Sorrell. Live on stage – UK soul-legend Omar, the rock band Left at the Robot, the Swiss contortionist Nina Burri, the Brazilian fashion performance artist/designer Lisa Simpson, the Indian classical dancer Miti Desai and a surprise guest!

What has been your biggest challenge to date with the show?

To grow to where we are today from a starting budget of £250!

What will the future of the show be?

 The Good Fashion Show will be an annual event.  If we grow, we may tie The Good Fashion Show to both seasons of the international fashion cycle and London Fashion Week.

Future plans also include the possibility to register The Good Fashion Show as a charity to ensure the continuity of our core work at the intersection between ethics, aesthetics and commerce.



Tickets for both the day event and evening show can be purchased here.


The stunning setting at London House – historic interiors and exhibition rooms.  And why not also taking a sneak peak at the ‘Great Hall’ which will be used for the evening catwalk show?

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