The Great Liv Feeling

ethical fashionYou know that moment of browsing through a bazaar filled with crazy items alongside ordinary goods, piled high or laid out in displays and suddenly something catches your eye? There’s that leap in your tummy that tells you to go and take a closer look.

That’s the feeling we adore, here at Liv! We travel far and wide, including around Britain, to see what might have that effect on us – and boy, there are so many beautifully created things out there! That’s great, and very exciting for us, but not everyone has the luxury of going to exotic spots like Kidderminster or Kathmandu and doing that kind of ‘big sweep’ shopping, meeting farmers and workshop owners. It’s a grand adventure for us (and we love it) but we go because someone else who doesn’t have the time to wander through the ‘bazaars’ of this world will love what we find, for themselves or for a loved one. And then they can share that feeling, too!

That’s kind of how Liv came about in 2005 – out of the collaborative desires of four, like-minded people – Sebastian Parsons, Sophie Patrick, Dawn Foxall and Dennes Kraan. We were already working with Dr Hauschka, the natural skincare brand, and we had this shared wish to provide that excitement for our customers and our own homes – beginning with natural products.

Being based on a working biodynamic farm in the heart of England we also wanted to share our excitement for beautifully created clothing – meaning organic cotton, skilful craftwork and positive people-chains giving workers here and at source a reason to share that leap of excitement that we were feeling. Some people call it ‘ethical trading’ – we see it as being natural. How could you feel excited if your beautiful object caused someone else to suffer? It just doesn’t make sense, even though swathes of industry blithely carry on as if it doesn’t matter.

In any case, we’ve grown that passion, and since Liv Clothing began, we’ve added so many new, beautiful brands including most recently Nourish (wow, luscious skincare!) – Peregrine Clothing (no more bad weather!) – Do You Green’s lingerie (pine needles turned into sexy silk, amazing!). So we ‘built’ the Liv House online last year and launched it shortly before Christmas to rave reviews. The best way to explain it is if you visit us.

WIN! Liv are kindly giving you the chance to win a pair of their gorgeously soft cable knit socks! Simply head to and find the answer to the following question:

 What are the Liv Long Cable Socks made from?

 Email your answer to to be in with the chance of winning. Good luck!

 *Competition closes 31.03.2014. One pair to be won. Offer may be changed or withdrawn at any time without prior notice.

ethical eco socks


So drop in anytime at and share the “Wow, that’s brilliant!” feeling..!

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