I, Gav Lawson founded THTC in 1999, fusing cutting-edge fashion with environmentally friendly clothes.  Turning ethical fabrics into iconic and witty t-shirts with political statements. THTC is worn by everyone from prolific urban artists such as Goldie to Duncan from the former boy-band Blue.

My mission was to create a brand that successfully raised the profile of hemp as a sustainable textile within the fashion industry. By ensuring his designs are always edgy, I want to show the industry that hemp is a force to be reckoned with. Collaborations with renowned graffiti artist Mau Mau has re-enforced the message that hemp is best! When 55% hemp is used instead of 100% conventionally grown cotton, over 2500 litres of water can be saved per t-shirt.  My understanding of hemp as a fabric has influenced others with over 20 clothing labels across Europe adopting hemp as a base fabric.

Livia Firth in THTC

THTC clothing is produced in factories that are regularly monitored, which adhere to the international labour organisation (ILO) and are a member of the See Companies (, requiring THTC’s production to be fully accountable and traceable through the whole supply chain.

Over the past decade, THTC has become a respected urban clothing brand, producing clothing ranges for The Ecologist Magazine, Maharishi Clothing, C.A.L.M (NHS Charity), The Burma Campaign UK, Zulu Nation UK, Trojan Sound System, Morcheeba (band), Asian Dub Foundation (Band), Renegade Hardware (Record Label) and many more.

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