UK fashion brand Picaflor hits crowdfunding to break poverty cycle in Colombia

picaflor-necklacePicaflor, a UK Fashion brand, has taken to crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo, in a bid to raise $40,000 in pledges from kindhearted people across the globe. If the campaign is successful, Picaflor will be able to provide many jobs to women in the remote areas of Colombia, allow their children to complete education, help to protect endangered wildlife and help break the poverty cycle they have suffered from, for many years.

 elizabeth-left-and-sara-rightThe driving force behind Picaflor and this campaign is company CEO, Elizabeth Salaman and her sister Sara, both ladies born and raised in Cajibio, Colombia, and both have experienced first hand the poverty and abuse some women have to deal with in the remote areas.


At 18 years old, Elizabeth met Stephen Salaman (a UK national) whilst he was holidaying in Colombia. After maintaining a long distance relationship for a while, they decided Elizabeth should join Stephen in the UK where they were married. Elizabeth had always had a passion for the impoverished women and communities of Colombia. Sara was key in the growth of a conservation organisation and set up a project that helped train women to make jewellery, predominantly using the seeds from tagua, a fruit from a palm tree that is known as vegetable ivory due to its similarities in feel and consistency.   Training the women gave them a sense of empowerment and earning a wage, which is something they normally wouldn’t be able to obtain without putting themselves or the environment in danger. The money they earned also helped keep their children in education, as most children have to leave education at around 10 years old.

jewellery-makingThe $40,000 (USD) raised will mean Picaflor will be able to provide training and employment for more women in rural areas of Colombia. That would enable Picaflor to double its existing number of artisans to 40 women within the next 12 months. They would also invest in marketing and aim to create a global brand for the Picaflor collection of jewellery. The funding would provide Picaflor the ability to buy higher volumes of raw materials, packaging and also tooling, but most importantly help empower women in rural areas of Colombia, they will be able to implement hands on conservation projects and break the poverty cycle.

“A seed is all you need to sow a dream and this is where it started with Picaflor, a simple tagua fruit, helping to keep the Colombian women in employment and hopefully our dream can come a reality with your help.”

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