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Style With Heart is a website that brings you beautifully crafted clothes and accessories that make you feel as good as you look.

The companies you will discover have been carefully chosen based on their ethical and/or eco principles. But not at the cost of beauty, quality or originality – just have a browse through some of our clothes and you’ll see that style and sustainability can (and do) come hand in hand!

Cutting out another ‘middle man’, everything on this website is about a fairer deal for the people who make the products, and/or a greener deal for the environment. It brings together producers, brands, communities and shoppers from a rich global community – for whom fast and throwaway fashion is no longer acceptable.

Style With Heart is more than just a shopping site – it’s a place for anyone interested in ethical and environmental news, tips for sustainable living, interesting events, and special offers. We’ve also provided links to other companies and organisations that care about these issues and are trying to make a difference.

Put simply, Style With Heart  is for people with Style, and people with Heart.

You can see what other people have said about this site on the Testimonials page.

A note from the founder – Gillian Osrin

Having worked in the fashion world for the past 20 years, it saddens me that the word ‘fashion’ often implies products that have a sell-by date – designed to satisfy the latest impulses of a society that often values quantity over quality.

In the past 11 years of my career in the retail industry, I have become more aware of our responsibility to the wider community. I have seen how this sector has evolved and what is important – both to customers and suppliers. Style With Heart is not just another website jumping on the green bandwagon but one that aims to create a wider value. People who care about the world and want to find and purchase high quality and beautiful products can now find them on Style With Heart.

While there are many companies on the high street working hard to catch up with the green and ethical agenda, the companies you will find listed here were created with strong values from their inception. Some focus on ethical issues, others on environmental concerns – but they all share the same vision to create high-quality products that you will love to wear and cherish for years to come.

So why ‘Style With Heart ‘?

A quote that I always come back to comes from the designer Yves Saint Laurent who asserted that ‘Fashion fades, style is eternal’. For me, this statement says it all – and part of the reason I chose the name ‘Style With Heart ‘ for the website.

I have also chosen to avoid words such as ‘eco’, ‘ethical’ or ‘sustainable’ in the name – these are terms which are often loaded with specific – and often misunderstood – meanings (>> see our definitions page for more information) and are not broad enough on their own to encompass the values of all the companies that you will encounter here.

We buy clothes and accessories that make us look good. But how about buying things that make us look good AND feel good too – that turn heads and turn around peoples’ lives? For me, this is the very foundation of style.

I hope you enjoy browsing through this site – knowing that you can make a positive difference whilst finding beautiful, unique and stylish things to wear.

Happy shopping!


P.S. To celebrate the site’s first anniversary, we set up a charity withheart.org to promote traditional handicraft skills.

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