Ethical jewellery with love from Sardinia

Straight from the ancient island of Sardinia, KOKKU offers the finest hand-crafted filigree jewellery collection whilst also supporting this vanishing skill, unrivalled in its level of precision, intricacy, and beauty.

 Last year, Andrea and his wife Ansula took a bold step and put their successful careers on hold to start up a new business venture.  Both from Sardinia, they found local artisans making beautiful jewellery and wanted to preserve this threatened traditional craftsmanship by giving it a new lease of life.  KOKKU takes its name from a type of Sardinian amulet for protecting newborns against the “evil eye”,

 KOKKU is an ethical trader fully committed to providing a platform to promote some of the worlds undiscovered

master artisans and traditional crafts brought up to date for the 21st century – truly modern ethical jewellery.

 KOKKU has chosen to focus its first series of collections on jewellery from Sardinia, showcasing the finest hand-crafted filigree in gold and silver: rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets.  Each piece has been carefully chosen not only for its delicate grace and stylish refinement but also, more intimately, for the way the pieces “resonate” with a wealth of personal memories and “touching” moments from key stages in their lives.

Mixed with the traditional are exciting contemporary designs made possible because of a number of significant innovations in filigree metalwork. Indeed, several techniques used for KOKKU’s jewellery are patented and exclusively used by the local manufacturers.  There are two key innovations: the size of the thread used, some can be as thin as 0.25mm and the use of the filigree itself which is used not only decoratively but also as a structural support for the design thereby adding another dimension and also a lightness to the jewellery.

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