The Fashion Alchemist – Mia Mogan

mia morgan the fashion alchemistMia Morgan has been a successful fashion stylist for over 15 years and worked on hundreds of fashion shoots and styled countless A-list celebrities.  Now she’s moving to the ‘other side’ and launching a collection of her own called The Fashion Alchemist. Having been exposed to many of the best creations in the world, Mia has decided to work with indigenous cultures to bring their traditional crafts to the world of fashion.

Mia travels Peru to work with artisans from this area.  One particular tribe creates patterns based on the the ancient healing songs of the Shaman.  She experienced the most incredible healing and people received deep and lasting healing on the physical, emotional and spiritual level.  She feels this is exactly what the world needs right now and is excited to share this with a wider audience.   All of the creations will be hand-made and will have an energetic pattern attached to them.  

In addition to providing an essential livelihood for women in their villages (through supporting their embroidery work), 33% of the proceeds will go towards supporting the Alianza Arkana, a grassroots alliance which supports the people of the Amazon and it’s traditions and 33% will go to the craftmakers themselves. Supporting the Amazon is essential to having a cleaner and healthier environment for the entire planet.

You can read more about Mia’s current journey and her mission to promote heartfelt fashion here.

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