Other types of ethical accessories and brands that provide them.

Visible Man

Quality ethical fashion direct from our fair trade tailoring centre. Offering total visibility into our people, products, and pricing.

Quality, affordable, fashionable and ethical Menswear made at The Visible Tailoring Centre where a team of highly experience tailors get paid a living wage and receive benefits for themselves and their families including a free creche, subsidised primary and secondary schooling, annual bonuses, opportunities to develop new skills, and a workplace which consistently values and promotes diversity.

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Corkor specializes in vegan and eco-friendly products made from cork leather. Our goal is to provide our customers with a strong selection of premium Cork products at competitive prices, backed up with a genuine customer service experience.

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Fink (Fashion + ink) is a collection of handmade garments created in my home studio.  I create my own fabric designs then make one of a kind, wearable-art pieces from my imagination.

Every garment is “everyday extraordinary” – you will look forward to expressing yourself while you participate in the adventure of being totally alive.


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