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Lily Cole in conversation with Alain de Botton

lily cole ethical fashion

Lily will be talking about her experience of being at the centre of the consumer fashion bubble and why it lead her to set up – a social network where people share their time and skills to help others. This could be anything from a graphic designer offering up their services to a fashion start-up for a couple of hours, to someone with a surplus of fabric looking to give it all to a student for free.   Read more »

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Abury design experience

adex competition

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I am not brave

Mallorie Carrington Smart GlamourI grew up as a tall, thin, lanky child and teenager. I didn’t know it at the time – but I’ve always had thin privilege. Now I’m a tall, curvy, thin woman and I know that I still have thin privilege. I can shop at any store – I can even shop at sample sales. I find my size easily – and no one judges me for wearing whatever I please (or at least not because someone my size and shape “shouldn’t” be wearing that.) Read more »

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WIN a luxurious Peregrine wool scarf

Liv scarfLiv are offering you 10% OFF at when you enter the code STYLEHEART*. They’re also kindly giving you the chance to win a gorgeous merino wool scarf worth £36 from British brand Peregrine! Read more »

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Handmade in Britain 2014

hand made in britain event november 2014

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‘The Epic Thread’ by The Fabelists

The thought provoking animation features a fearless young girl and her pet pug Tony, who follow a piece of thread on the girl’s t-shirt. The thread takes them on an adventure through the life of the clothing, starting from her bedroom and ending up at the very farm where the cotton was grown. Read more »

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From Mexico with love


Fabrica Social is a Mexico City-based social enterprise dedicated to supporting and promoting the work and traditional knowledge of indigenous artisans throughout Mexico. The women create unique hand-crafted contemporary clothing, accessories and homeware that are sold in boutiques and museums  across the world.




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Mayamiko in Vogue

Mayamiko, the cool fashion label that uses traditional African printed cotton, will be featured in September’s Vogue! Read more »

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