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The monk in a Cowshed

earthmonk ethical clothesA pop-up shop in a Cowshed!  Not many people can say they’ve had an offer like that! But before you conjure up images of milk churns and wellies let’s be clear – this shed is where you’re more likely to find a downward facing dog than a cow.  For in April this year yoga guru, Niki Perry, opened the doors to her very own yoga studio and life for the hundred-year-old barn began anew. Read more »

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Fashioning an opportunity

le desseinSenegal. Eric thought he fulfilled his childhood ambitions (“family’s ambitions”) by pursuing a decade long career in Finance. However, attending UCLA Anderson had the opposite effect of cementing his career in this sector. Read more »

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Explore nature with Silverstick

eco clothingSilverstick is a British adventure goods company based in the South Downs National Park. We create high quality, eco-conscious clothing for outdoor people to explore the ocean, trail and mountains. Read more »

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Mr Potter, the story so far…

bow tiesSWH: How and why was Mr Potter conceived? Vins: Mr.Potter was born during a night spent at one of our university dormroom where we used to hangout together during winter rainy evenings. Weirdly enough that night we ended up talking about the dark side of fashion. Read more »

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Education for the future organisation

ethical jewelleryImagine being able to create fabulous jewellery from a metal with a dangerous and terrifying history… imagine homeless people who have became expert goldsmiths … close your eyes and hear the tap of hammers, the hissing of the blowtorch and the smell of waxes.  Welcome to “EDUCATION FOR THE FUTURE!” Read more »

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Arthur and Henry – Saving the world one shirt at a time.

mens cotton shirtsAs a business we make clothes.  Specifically men’s shirts.  Smart men’s shirts, the sort of thing one would wear to the office, or to the pub.  Probably not to Glastonbury. Read more »

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With love from the Outer Hebrides

Harris Tweed heartsFrom the land comes the cloth” is the Harris Tweed Authority’s principal advertising slogan. In a typically Hebridean manner, this simple phrase is understated in its construction and yet, to those willing to delve a bit deeper, hints at the more complex relationship that exists between this wonderful cloth, the geography of the islands of the Outer Hebrides, and its importance to a proud, industrious, and humble local population. Read more »

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British alpaca – spinning a sustainable British luxury yarn in natural fibre

Alpaca Ally BeeWhat is alpaca yarn?’ ‘Why British alpaca?’ These are questions I’m regularly asked since setting up sustainable knitwear label, Ally Bee. Alpacas produce a fabulous soft fleece but there’s also strong environmental advantages to spinning a British alpaca yarn. So, to help answer ‘Why alpaca & why British’, here’s 12 curious facts about the creatures and their luxurious fleece: Read more »

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